Breakfast in the City…

A 5:50am start is outside my usual comfort zone, but well worth the effort to hear that Forepoint is a top 10 rated agency at a venue in London’s financial district.

But there was food on the table and lots of other interesting agency people to meet and talk to. The event was hosted by The Drum, in association with RAR, the Recommended Agency Register.

The Independent Agencies Census 2015 did what it said on the tin. With hundreds of entrants submitting data about their operation and information being referenced to the RAR database – itself based on what our clients think and say about us.

The research conducted in partnership with the Recommended Agency Register and sponsored by Graph, showcases the success of independent agencies in a sector dominated by large networks as well as giving an insightful overview of the independent marketing agency landscape.

Agencies are ranked on three metrics to provide three measures of success – financial performance, client satisfaction and peer recommendations. Additionally, the report highlights those with the best average rankings across all three, earning them ‘elite’ status.

Agencies are ranked against those of a similar staff size in order to provide valuable comparisons.

So it was indeed a great honour and achievement to find out that Forepoint were top 10 listed for financial performance in the 1-25 staff category. And also a great tribute to the hard work of our dedicated team.

I’d like to thank everyone of our clients, our team, RAR, The Drum and last but not least to the catering team for the vitally needed breakfast.

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