Moto website moves into the fast lane

Website user trends and habits are constantly on the move driven by changes in technology and network capability.

Moto wanted to develop their website to support their customers in a variety of ways, so as part of a strategic review we analysed who was using the website, what they wanted to find and what kind of device they were using. Unsurprisingly there has been a major increase in mobile device users. To cater for this requirement and as we do with all our websites, the new website is fully responsive.

The website now has simpler navigation and for the client a much more powerful Content Management System than the previous iteration.

One very active area of the website, as with most big organisations, is the careers area, so we have developed this to be both informative and to communicate the culture and personality of Moto.

We are really pleased with the outcome and our client loves it. Why not call in and have a look at

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