The new shop window in the sales environment

The growth of enterprise apps in the business arena suggests that those who don’t make the move soon could see client perceptions relegate them to be seen as a second division player.

Cast your mind back a few years to the emergence of company websites. How many businesses sat on the fence saying, ‘it’s a fad’ or ‘it won’t catch’ on. The rest as they say is history. Fortunes were made and lost by those who didn’t adapt. Roll forward the clock and we can again see that another revolution is taking place.

Visionary businesses have been quick to invest in the latest must have tool: the enterprise app. No longer does your sales force have to worry about having the right brochure with them or the most up-to-date presentation. Everything can be stored to run offline on their tablet device. We’ve been working with our German colleagues spearheading the development of this technology for over two years and now provide a market leading solution for Fortune 500 companies and many more.


What we provide allows users to manage and update content, it runs on most devices and platforms including Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows 7 and 8. So just think, the presentation that you run on your iPad can also run on a 55” touchscreen at a trade exhibition. Plus, the app can provide analytics, user management and CRM integration. Your sales team can also email items from the app straight to the people that they want to engage with, whilst they meet. And all in a bespoke branded environment that provides a great user experience. Leaving your clients wowed and impressed by the advanced technology that you have at your fingertips.

So, if you want to impress your clients and sales prospects, if you want to lead and not follow, we should talk, soon. The best shop window can be yours.

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