Providing security of brand in the defence sector…

As part of our ongoing brand guardianship work with BAE Systems we were commissioned to provide a cost-effective solution to address the lack of awareness and understanding to the planned site redevelopment and infrastructure programme, valued at £300m-plus, which is planned over the next 8 years.

Our challenge was to provide BAE Systems with a solution that was fit-for-purpose, cost effective and achievable within a 3-week window, this was in order to meet the first deadline date of a rescheduled public consultation event.

Working in close support and collaboration with the communications department, we were able to plan; conceptualise; provide word counts for copywriting; specifying of specific images to be used; scheduling and ongoing dialogue for third party involvement in the production of printed supporting booklets and exhibition panel outputs.

We held an in-depth initial project meeting with the core BAE Systems development team onsite, to discuss the project objectives and deadline. It was evident that the requirements of the project and meeting the identified deadline was a major challenge. The challenge being the turnaround of: concept; design; content and production of an exhibition and supporting booklet within a 3-week window was no mean feat!

In order to achieve this, we provided the client with concept sketches for discussion, as well as a key project schedule for content to be produced and key approval dates to be met.

We were also required to hold dialogue and manage the production process with two of our ISO 9001 approved suppliers, in order to arrange production slots within our extremely tight production window. In order to produce the seventeen paneled exhibition and augmented reality base, along with 1,000 copies of the supporting 8-page gatefold booklet.

The design and concept process itself was supported by four team members within Forepoint. We utilised core specialisms in order to provide BAE Systems with the high-quality product that we are associated with and the importance of adhering to their corporate brand guidelines. All this whilst working to key delivery dates and supporting and managing ongoing dialogue with the client, printer and exhibition provider.

Drafts were sent to BAE Systems via email as comment enabled PDFs, in order for comments to be applied efficiently and supplied back to Forepoint by return email. All proofs were approved as digital PDF proofs, following a diligent internal proof approval procedure coordinated by our Studio Manager, and approved by the client prior to artwork release.

The production deadlines were met and all work was delivered on time and within the agreed budget.


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